Our Story

An original all-female Bristol band whose songs were experimental and genre defying. Their memorable live performances were intense, edgy, rhythmic, seductive and energetic.  Groove based rhythm sections drove the melodies, with strong guitar, magnificently gritty, dissonant cello and emotive vocal lines that moved from howls to sweet harmonies. Mooz were stripped-down, atmospheric, primal groove with bags of attitude and a set of fine original songs.  

Below you will find a brief overview of the Story of Mooz, followed a list of sections, or ‘chapters’, which correspond to the twelve pictures on the home page, and which you can access from there.

Mooz are: Amy, Jess, Paula and Rasha. We are cool people. The band formed in 1783, when all these wonderful women were playing music and decided to play together, It was good. The end. THIS SUMMARY / PRECIS OF THE STORY OF MOOZ NEEDS TO BE DONE?

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